3T Scatto

3T Scatto

SCATTO LTD is a pure track sprinter’s bar. It shares its basic architecture with SPHINX, but is further reinforced to stiffen the bar’s feel in the most strenuous track maneuvers.

Top Features of the 3T Scatto LTD Track Handlebar 2014

Weight: 364g (35cm)
Width: 35/37cm
Clamp: 31.8 mm
Material: HM carbon-fibre
Drop: 128/148 mm
Reach: 72/82 mm
Finish: UD Gloss Black

Product Data

Road: Yes
Weight (g): 364

Both bars have a new, lighter aerofoil top wing, symmetrical in section and with a pronounced forward sweep. SCATTO’s round-section handholds, or drops, hang from the wingtips by a narrow vertical strut, like a jet engine nacelle.

The wing and struts simply support the handholds with the least possible wind resistance – in the sprint, the rider is always in the drops and needs no other handhold. Frontal area is much less than oversize, all-round-section bars, but the rider still gets plenty of elbow clearance for all-out efforts.

SCATTO is lighter than an alloy or cro-mo sprint bar and as strong as the most robust composite bar, and has better aerodynamics than both.

2.775,00 kr
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