AXA Clinch sykkelås - kjetting

AXA Clinch sykkelås - kjetting

Kraftig sykkellås. 115cm lengde. Maksimal sikkerhet. 

A chain lock is one of the safest bike locks. A chain lock is better than a cable lock, because you cannot cut over a thick chain lock, as you can with many cable locks. A chain lock is also better than a simple ring lock, because a bike thief can easily steel the whole bike or just steal the front wheel when the bicycle only has a ring lock. With a chain lock this all can’t happen. Chainlocks vary in quality, the best chain locks are produced by Abus, Axa or Kryptonite. The ART-star or ART-testing indicate how well the lock protects against theft. The insurance companies have different requirements in their policy conditions, but generally a bike lock must have 2 ART stars, a scooter lock must have at least ART 3, and a motorcycles must have a lock with ART 4 or 5. There are great differences in thickness and length of chain locks: the 85, 95 or 105 in the product name stands for the length, so 85 cm or 95 cm long. The other differences is the thickness of the links: the smallest are 6 mm, next 8 mm, and the thickest 12 mm. We always recommend to take achain lock with at least 8 mm thick hardened steel links.

Axa bike locks have the best quality/price ratio; therefore it is no surprise thatAxa is the market leader in bike locks and bicycle parts. Axa Stenman has its origins in 1902 in Veenendal, The Netherlands. Already in 1940 they began production of bike locks, this makes Axa the only company with over 70 years of experience in bike locks in the world. This long tradition of craftsmanship also ensures that Axa continues to innovate and develop. With starting point in security and safety Axa produce bike locks that are very user friendly and easy to attach.

Axa have their whole production process in house with development centers in the Netherlands and France is constantly working to optimize processes and products and production plants in Poland. Al this focus on process innovation and quality makes sure that Axa’s products are ready and fit for the bike of tomorrow.

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