Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell

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Lightweight Climbing Bike

Er du ikke kjent med merket Factor? Les mer på vår introduksjonside om merket her!

O2 V.A.M er Factor sitt flaggskip. Dette er modellen der de har lagt alle ingeniørkrefter til for å skape den ultimate sykkel uten at det spares på noe. Dette er en ramme med den laveste vekt mulig. Dette er rammen som skal gi seiere i Tour de France.

Modellen leveres med eller uten skivebremser, i 4 standard farger og 4 forskjellige gir-oppsett. Vår avtale med Factor sikrer den beste prisen når sykkelen leveres med våre Unaas hjulsett.

Du kan også custom designe rammen i Factor sitt ”Prisma Studio” eller kontakte oss om du har andre unike ønsker til design.

Factor beskriver sykkelen som:

The O2 VAM is our lightest road bike frame, featuring fully internal cable routing, and it excels like no other when the road points up and stays there. This ultralight frame is seemingly immune to gravity when climbing, yet also carves confidently and predictably through corners when descending.

Nøkkelegenskapene til denne modellen: 

  • Applying Factor’s ethos of zero compromises, the O2 VAM is the result of the most substantial engineering breakthrough in carbon bike manufacturing in decades. Using new methods to defy modern carbon bike manufacturing convention, we’re able to optimize structural design while using the absolute minimum material possible, all without loss of stiffness or ride quality.
  • VAM is manufactured with a completely new method of carbon compaction. Pressurization greater than normal allows us to wring excessive resin from our base material, therefore making the carbon stronger, lighter and more efficient.
  • An optimized and strategic layup of mixed modulus carbon helps further define VAM’S handling characteristics.
  • Until VAM, reduction in frame weight signified an equal decrease in ride quality. VAM forever alters this dynamic. Even as our lightest production bike to date, VAM is stiff and responsive under power, maintaining the superior ride and handling qualities justly regarded as the signature elements of all Factor Bikes.

    A redesigned and optimised bottom bracket working in tandem with an updated seat tube provide the core of the O2 VAM’s ride characteristics.

  • An industry first, VAM incorporates Boron within the seat tube. This allows a reduction in weight while adding both stability and strength. The resulting structural integrity is combined with a meticulously designed BB junction, providing instantaneous power transfer and in essence, serves as the beating heart of the O2 VAM.
  • Wide stance seat stays help with lateral stiffness in the rear triangle while keeping the seat stays thin for compliance and comfort.
  • Using Boron on the back of the seat tube allows for additional compliance without buckling.
  • The O2 V.A.M. has a tyre clearance of up to 30mm wide (measured).
  • There’s no asterisk next to the weight of the bike. VAM’s weight (or more precisely, its lack of it) is due to inspired design and manufacturing excellence. Instead of relying upon a collection of temperamental and difficult to obtain ultralight components to hit target weights, we challenged ourselves to deliver weight savings within the chassis.

  • Upfront, the lightweight Svelte fork complements to O2 VAM frame. With performance in mind, they are designed to work together to provide lateral stiffness, vertical compliance for comfort, and excellent torsional stiffness for increased control while cornering and descending.

  • Such a feat is the result of long hours of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) during the design phase, followed by numerous carbon layup prototypes and testing in the lab and on the road.

  • The Svelte fork uses a tapered steerer tube with a 1-3/8″lower bearing, with the crown integrated into the frame’s downtube for increased steering precision and aerodynamic gains.

  • The disc version of the Svelte fork largely follows the shape and size of the rim brake fork, but with a slightly asymmetric design and specific layup to withstand the disc braking forces.

  • Factor VAM is offered with zero or 25mm offset seatpost, compatible with Di2 internal battery. One-bolt saddle clamp for easy setup, available for carbon and metal saddle rails (7×9 or 7×7 rails).

  • An integrated carbon headset top-cover, available in 5mm and 20mm, provides an elegant and clean appearance.
  • Both the rim and disc brake versions are compatible with mechanical and electronic drivetrains. The rim brake version now uses Direct-Mount standard, for increased power and easier adjustments.

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Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell
Factor O2 VAM 2021 modell