Giro DND Wavy sykkelhanske

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Its built to be affordable and long-wearing, with a supple feel thanks to the Super Fit engineered AX Suede™ palm that eliminates excess material and bunching. The upper breathes well and offers 4-way stretch for maximum comfort day-in and day-out. These features and simple construction make the DND the favorite among dirt jumpers and trail riders alike.

This collection is inspired directly by the shapes and details in the initiation well at QuintaDe Regaleria. The thin wavy lines in the sleeves mimic those found at the top of the supportcolumns of the spiraling staircase. The moody earth tone palette speaks to the denselypacked forest we walked through, while the tombstone shaped branding was inspired by thegeometry found in the wells’ architecture. This collection offers a subtle alternative to themore traditional race inspired mountain bike graphics for men and women.

Giro DND Wavy sykkelhanske