LIZARD SKINS Overshoes Dry Fiant Toe Cover

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Every roadie knows that in cool hours on the bike, the toes are the first to fall victim to the wind. The otherwise useful ventilation on the road shoe opens the door to the cold air to harm your toes.
Lizard Skins Dry Fiant overshoes are ideal to keep your toes warm in wet and cold weather. They effectively cover shoe ventilation and, thanks to the windproof material, perfectly isolate them from adverse external conditions. A thin microfleece inside also ensures that no heat is lost. The open shape allows for quick donning. So that you are good to see the overshoes have reflective logos. Due to the low weight ideal for racing use.

Technical specifications:

Material: 85% polyamide + 15% spandex
Color: Black

Weight according to manufacturer:
Weight weighed: 37g (size L)
LIZARD SKINS Overshoes Dry Fiant Toe Cover