Look KEO flex landeveispedaler

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The KEO Flex is ideal for beginners who wish to acquire their first automatic (clip-in) pedals and is the first automatic (clip-in) one-piece pedal combining the body and lever in one piece.

Top Features of the Look Keo Flex Pedals

Weight: 122g per pedal
Level of use: Beginner/leisure
Body and Lever: One piece composite
Spindle: Chromoly
Thread: 9/16 x 20mm
Cleats: KÉO
Angular Movement: 0°, 4.5° or 9° depending on type of cleat (black, grey, red)
Colour: black
For you consideration
Have you considered purchasing the Look Keo Cleat Covers with these pedals?

Product Data

Road: Yes
Weight (g): 122
Axle Material: Cromoly Steel
Cleats Included: Yes

This major innovation patented by LOOK is at the heart of their design of this easy-to-use, secure pedal. With this new spring-free design they have created new sensations for cleat insertion and removal.

The use of composite material and a simplified design make the KEO Flex one of the lightest and least expensive pedals in its category. Cleat removal is by flexing the two outside clips of the KEO Flex lever. The central lever maintains the cleat in position during pedaling and facilitates cleat insertion. The tension of 8 Nm is suitable not only for novices using automatic pedals but also for leisure use.

The KEO Flex spindle was specially designed for this pedal. It comprises a single ball bearing (12mm interior x 21mm exterior) and a bush. LOOK spindles are only validated after a rotation test lasting 1 million cycles at 100 r.p.m. with a load of 90 kg on the centre of the pedal and off-centre rotation (which creates a shock at each revolution). This test is markedly better than the current standard: EN14781.

Look KEO flex landeveispedaler