Prime Primavera Aero-styre landevei

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This high-quality aero handlebar features a high modulus carbon fiber construction, which makes it super-light at only 228g for the 42cm option. Its carbon build also ensures that riders benefit from exceptional strength, stiffness and precise handling when both training and competing. 

Race-Ready Carbon Fiber Aero Bar

Designed to cheat the wind for maximum speed, this lightweight, race-ready aero handlebar also features a super comfortable 122mm drop and 76.5mm reach, so you can enjoy a smooth and reliable ride when tackling everything from a short crit to an eight-hour epic ride.

Internal Cable Routing and Di2 Compatible

No stranger to the finer details, this aerobar is kitted out with internal cable routing as well as Shimano Di2 compatibility. This makes it easy for riders to hide their mechanical or electronic system cables inside its construction for further watt savings while also freeing up valuable space. Whether you're training or competing, the Prime Primavera Aero Carbon Handlebar is a great upgrade for performance-boosting aerodynamics, comfortable geometry and an ultra-lightweight design.

Prime Test Results

Prime carried out several tests when comparing this updated aero handlebar to its predecessor. You can find all the results below:

- This revised Prime bar is 13% lighter when compared to the previous model.

- On the vertical stiffness test this Prime bar has 20.5% less deformation and has 29.5% increased vertical stiffness.

- On the horizontal stiffness test this Prime bar has 10.2% less deformation and has 11% increased horizontal stiffness.

- On the rotational stiffness test this Prime bar has 17.5% less deformation and has 21.4% increased rotational stiffness.

- On average this Prime bar is 20.6% stiffer with 16% less deformation.

Prime Primavera Aero-styre landevei
Prime Primavera Aero-styre landevei
Prime Primavera Aero-styre landevei
Prime Primavera Aero-styre landevei