Prologo Nago Evo 1.4 Ti sadel

Prologo Nago Evo 1.4 Ti sadel

When we look at the profile of the Prologo Nago Evo TI 1.4 saddle we can't help but admire its clean lines low profile nose and slender body. Wrapped tightly in a smooth microfiber cover the Nago Evo TI 1.4 screams fast right out of the box.

The Nago Evo TI 1.4 is built around a featherweight carbon frame -- the skeleton of the saddle that supports the foam and attaches to the rails. This is molded with varying densities so that vibration reduction is built-in and so that the saddle flexes slightly under power. Multi-durometer foam is attached to the frame with firm support beneath your hips and lighter more forgiving foam at the mid-section toward the nose.

While this saddle gets titanium rails Prologo saw fit to reinforce them with a nickel coating. This does add a few grams but also increases durability.


  • Active shape is the system patented by Prologo that combines multiple base stiffnesses and multiple padding densities for a new level of comfort.
  • Carbon fibre injection base gives strength to the base increasing its stiffness and duration.
  • Nickel-Titanium alloy rail, with 1.4 mm wall thickness.
  • Semi-Round Shape is ideal for medium-long distance riding, great versatility, ideal for different end-uses.
  • Good choice of riding position.
  • A perfect compromise.
  • Use: Road.
  • Size: 280x134mm.
  • Weight: 219g (manufacturer claimed).
799,00 kr
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