RRP Mudguard NeoGuard Evil

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RapidRacerProducts NeoGuard Evil Eyes mudguard

This NeoGuard fender is the original neoprene fender specifically designed to prevent mud and moisture from getting into your face and eyes, it's been copied a lot but still the best. Traditional fenders are fragile and can hold on to pounds of unwanted mud that affect your riding performance and slow you down. The NeoGuard throws the mud away every time the fork compresses, keeping your bike light and agile. Quick and easy to mount and very light, the NeoGuard is perfect for both downhill and cross-country and absolutely essential for the weekend warrior. Tuck it into your backpack in case the conditions get nasty, you'll rarely get mud in your eyes again. The NeoGuard fits most conventional forks and has been tested on many forks, but not all can be tested

Colour: black
Material: neoprene
Fork size: from 120 to 150 mm
Weight: 20 grams
RRP Mudguard NeoGuard Evil