White Lightning's Crystal fett

White Lightning's Crystal fett

White Lightning's Crystal is possibly the most technically advanced, high performance assembly grease available today.

Top Features of the White Lightning Crystal Grease 100g Tube

100g tub
Crystal Clear. Odourless. Non-Staining. Non-toxic. Biodegradable
Crystal Grease will not attack gaskets, seals or carbon fibre
Crystal will not stain painted surfaces

It is ideal for use on all bike parts including headsets, pedals, suspension bearings and carbon componentry. Crystal's formulation is odour-free, non-toxic, non-staining, biodegradable and has unequalled resistance to water washout. Feeling very "friendly" in the hand, its clear appearance makes contaminant detection "crystal"!

 About Lubrication

Adequate lubrication allows smooth continuous operation of equipment, with only mild wear, and without excessive stresses or seizures at bearings. When lubrication breaks down, metal or other components can rub destructively over each other, causing destructive damage, heat, and premature avoidable failure. The right lubricant will keep your bike working properly for much longer and will save you a heap of money in the long run. You'll need a thin, dry lube for the cables and pivots of your brakes and gears. This will resist water and won't attract dirt. Chains require something heavier and will use different lubes for the different seasons. In the summer, a White Lightning type lube will keep them clean and protected but wetter weather means you'll need a more tenacious alternative.

About the White Lightning brand

In 1994, Paul Maples, a research chemist and cyclist invented White Lightning. Although White Lightning was developed to keep bicycle chains clean, users soon found that it worked on almost all bicycle parts. Since its introduction, White Lightning has quickly gained broad acceptance. Reader surveys for leading US cycling magazines rate White Lightning as the industry's most popular lubricant. Such a rapid growth in popularity is without precedent and speaks to the product's unique technology. Four U.S. Patents have been awarded to Paul Maples for his "Self-Cleaning Technology." With Paul's continued R&D leadership, White Lightning believes that its self-cleaning lubricants will ultimately change the way people maintain high-tech mechanical devices.

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