Zipp 30 aluminiums clincher

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Zipp’s 30 Clincher gets you where you’re going faster. Zipp’s quarter century of aero excellence went into designing a distinctive aluminum rim that saves an estimated 42 seconds over 40km compared with a standard box-section rim in common wind conditions (See aero chart lower left).* That’s aero efficiency you can take to the pain bank -- in races, gran fondos, gravel adventures and training rides.

But the 30 Clincher is more than fast. You’ll feel the 30’s aero efficiency on the open road and also its nimbleness in spinning up to speed. Zipp’s refinement and verification of the 30 included 14,000 miles of on-the-road testing to result wheelset that’s also durable, stiff, smooth rolling… and affordable.


The 30’s 21.5mm wide tire bed enhances cornering grip and increases ride comfort. Its 30mm deep hybrid toroidal aluminum rim exceeds the aero performance of many deeper “V” section carbon rims at half the height. The 30’s width between the clincher hook beads allows for increased air volume in the tire to lower the chance of pinch flatting. This overall performance is the result of trickle-down technology from Zipp wheel design and to produce a teardrop-shaped rim with parallel brake track and proven aero benefits (See rim profile image lower left).

At the center of the 30 is the light, smooth and tough new hub -- which is 10 or 11-speed compatible. The hub shell is formed from ultra-strong and lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum. Sapim CX-Ray spokes maintain stiffness required for efficient power transfer. External nipples better support each spoke as it exits the rim. Stainless steel bearings with a protective polymer design that aids in lubrication help ensure years of smooth riding. This hub is precision set, so it requires no pre-load adjustment.

For you, this all means years of high-performance riding not worrying about your wheelset. Simply put, the 30 Clincher is the perfect balance of durability, aerodynamics, stiffness and weight.

Ships with Zipp Tangente butyl road inner tube with removable core (700c x 19-23mm), quick-release skewers and rim strips. Brake pads not included.

Black matte rim, black hubs and spokes, Classic White decals.

This wheelset is not tubeless compatible.

Use 18mm rim tape with this wheelset.

* Aerodynamics calculation methodology: Time and watt savings are calculated using a top-selling aluminum race wheel as the baseline and assuming a power output of 300 watts and a speed of 30mph (48kph). If you’re going slower, the time savings are greater, as you’ll be riding for a longer time. Aero savings reflect rider-on-bike testing, not wheels-only testing. All numbers are calculated at a 10° wind angle to approximate the most common real-world riding conditions. Tests are conducted using 21mm Vittoria® tires; Zipp Tangente tires can save an additional 3-9 seconds, or 1-3 watts.

Zipp 30 aluminiums clincher