Continental GP5000 25 (clincher)

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699,00 kr

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Continental har relansert sin bestselger GP4000 etter å ha vært syklistens favoritt i 10år. GP5000 er hakket bedre på alle områder. 

Les en omfattende rulletest av dekket her:

  • Clincher tyre
  • Lazer grip technology: Lasered micro profile structure expands over the tyre’s shoulder and provides outstanding cornering
  • Active Comfort Technology: The revolutionary approach in cycling. Embedded in the tyre construction, it absorbs vibrations and smooths your ride
  • BlackChili compound: The legendary compound on a whole new level. Made for excellent grip, higher mileage and efficient rolling
  • Vectran Breaker: The synthetically produced high tech fibre, extremely tear-resistant for minimal weight. The reference in puncture protection, stronger and more protective than ever
  • TPI: 3/330
  • Weight: 23c - 200 grams / 25c - 215 grams / 28c - 235 grams / 32c - 290 grams


Continental GP5000 25 (clincher)
Continental GP5000 25 (clincher)
Continental GP5000 25 (clincher)