Orbea Orca Aero 2024

It’s hard to beat the sensation of power that comes from a great aero bike. What rider is ambivalent about a machine that is designed to give back free watts? Is there a competitor who doesn’t grasp every last advantage in the battle for speed? Orca Aero delivers these prizes – along with the willingness to to go all-out, all day, without hesitation. Long live the bike that balances the emotional and rational desires inside each of us – Long live Aero.


Aligning the frame with the airflow, optimizing cross-sections, smoothing transitions and myriad other improvements mean a big reduction in drag. Slipping effortlessly through the air, that instant feedback of a world-class aero bike. There is no better feeling.


We are all different shapes and have different needs, and a modern performance bike needs to be adaptable. That is where MyO configurator comes in, letting you choose designs and select your favorite components and wheels to ensure your Orca Aero is perfect when it arrives.

For 2024 fokuserer leveres Orca Aero kun med elektriske girgrupper. Vi har valgt å fokusere på de tre modellene med Shimano Di2 sitt girsystem. Alle modeller kan også leveres med våre Unaas 50, 60 eller 80 LTD Disc karbonhjul.