Park Tool Brush Set BCB 4.2

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“Sure Grip” dual density handles insure a positive grip even with wet hands. The BCB-4 contains four brushes, each specially designed for a specific cleaning purpose:

The ""Y" brush is for large tube and tyres. It will wrap around these to clean. The wire can also be bent to different shapes for different size tyre and tube shapes.

The frame cleaning sponge brush is a combination scrubbing sponge and bristle bush. Very useful between spokes on the rim. Also good for rotors and under the headset, and under the fork.

Tapered detail brush, also called a "bottle brush" is useful for cleaning hub centers and narrow areas, such as under front derailleurs, behind brakes, etc.

The GSC-1 gear brush is for rear derailleur pulleys, rear cogs and any general degreasing. The comb section is for cleaning between cogs where the bristles cannot reach.

Park Tool Brush Set BCB 4.2