Weldtite E-lube 100ml

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• Designed for e-Bikes – the perfect lube for e-Bike drivetrains

• Optimised for High Torque Applications - penetrates deep to protect your e-mtb or e-bike’s chain, cogs and gear systems

• For all conditions - perfect for e-Bike riders who demand smooth and reliable riding on all terrains

• For silky smooth gear changes - innovative friction reducing additives for effortless and ultra-efficient gear changes

• Unique ‘efficiency-increasing’ formula - unique formulation reduces the friction between the moving parts of your bike, resulting in pristine performance and hugely reduced wear and tear

• Top in class & British made - high end Wear-resistant additives that are tested and bottled in the UK ensures you put only the best lubricants on your bike.

Weldtite E-lube 100ml