Unior Bike komplett koffert med verktøy

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Tekst på engelsk: Pro Kit tool case is real world designed and tested by the professional mechanics on the toughest races around the world. Well thought out, extremely durable tool pallets organize and hold your tools in place. Pockets are designed with the size of our tools in mind. It also features a few extra pockets leaving you room to personalize your kit.
After designing the tool case for Pro Kit, we sat down with our team mechanics and carefully selected a set of tools that demanding bicycle mechanic will appreciate. We picked 48 pieces of our tools that are a perfect fit for a portable set, shop, home or team mechanics.
  • Open end wrench
  • Offset open ring wrench
  • Pro Socket Handle 1/2"
  • Hexagonal head screwdriver with T-handle
  • TX profile screwdriver with T-handle
  • Hexagon wrench
  • Ball end hexagon wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Vernier
  • Combination pliers
  • Diagonal cutting nippers
  • Internal lock rings pliers, straight
  • Utility knife
  • Crosstip (PH) screwdriver TBI
  • Flat screwdriver TBI
  • Awl with round, double bent blade
  • Measuring tape
  • Half-round file with handle, smooth
  • Bumping hammer
  • Flat tweezers
  • Bottom bracket wrench 16 notch
  • Pro spoke wrench
  • Pro chain wear indicator
  • Rotor truing fork
  • Freewheel remover
  • Pro chain tool
  • Freewheel remover with guide pin
  • Cassette lockring tool with 12mm guide pin
  • Master Link pliers
  • Disc brake piston spreader
Unior Bike komplett koffert med verktøy
Unior Bike komplett koffert med verktøy